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Potential Project

Have an idea? See a role for me to fit in it? Let’s have an introductory chat.

For reference, here’s my resume:

(1 hour)

Podcast Consultation

Having co-founded the premier Middle Eastern Podcasting Network, Mstdfr, I’ve learned a lot about Arabic and English speaking podcast listeners in the region.

Even better, I can tell you what a podcast is, how it works, what it takes, and the honest pros/cons of launching your own audio programming.

(1 hour)
SAR 500.00

Personal Branding Consultation

Who are you? What have you achieved? Why have you done so many random jobs that seem they don’t fit together?

I’m here to remind you that you’re a catch! I can pull out of you all the great things you’ve done, help you put together a CV, and guide you through putting your personal brand online: Social media & making a website.

(1 hour)
SAR 400.00

Anxiety Coaching

Suffering from anxiety all my life (without knowing what it was) was tough. Since diagnosed in 2013, I’ve been collecting heaps of information and data about why anxiety happens and how to cope with it.

I am not certified, but if you found my podcast episode helpful, I’m happy to guide you to more information, certified professionals, and links.

(1 hour)